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Proposal Writing Service

It is better to have a full-proof plan before you embark on any significant project. This keeps you in-line with a fruitful progress towards your already set goals. And this is why, universities make it a compulsion to develop a research proposal before beginning an extensive research. The purpose is not only to examine what student has been thinking to do but also to keep the student on track throughout the research journey.

But significantly it is about convincing the research committee to approve the proposed research project allowing you to buckle up as soon as possible. However, it is a painstaking process in which you must invest your time, resources, energy, and all other learned skills to develop a research proposal that is tough to reject.

This investment would yield good results only when you write each section of a proposal diligently without making any accidental errors. At TandJ Dissertation, we are expert academic writers proficient in research writing. From writing compelling research proposals to entire dissertations, we do it all with utmost dedication. Our experience of more than ten years enables us to understand the requirements of each university through which we can serve clients worldwide.

  • Abstract

    We write a brief and succinct abstract which would summarize the entire content and explain the purpose of writing a research proposal. .

  • Introduction

    We write introduction of your proposal that acts as your mouthpiece which to convince your committee or advisor that your research problem is unique and worth a critical study.

  • Literature Review

    We take a critical stance while writing the literature review in your proposal so that the committee would comprehend that you have studied the existing literature in-depth. This helps you gain the confidence over your committee that you have decided to research on a particular topic by a thorough understanding of what is required.

  • Methodology

    Because the methodology is a significant section of your research proposal, we write it in detailed and exploratory manner. It would make your committee check on the availability of resources and time available for completing the research project.

  • Conclusion

    We write conclusion using the assertive language to build the trust of your committee that your proposed research project would add significant knowledge to the existing knowledge.


Proposal Writing Service

We promise to develop a research proposal that captures the relevance of your proposed research project.
With us, getting it accepted is not a real trouble for you anymore.



The research proposal must be focused on the research problem and the need to study it in detail.



A research proposal is significant when it promises to connect the left out pieces of knowledge through systematic investigation.



Because it gains you the approval for further research, it should be correctly formatted as per university’s recommendations.



The more impactful your writing is, the more convincingly your proposal is. No language error and formatting issue is the key to well-written proposal.